Full ADHD assessment - i.e. no previous diagnosis of ADHD

We employ an evidence based, valid, full psychiatric and psychosocial interview to assess for adult ADHD and any other condition that might mimic ADHD symptoms. A full assessment takes no less than 2 hours to complete. On the day of the assessment, we will invite you and, if possible, an informant who has known you well since childhood (ideally a parent). Prior to the meeting, we will ask you and the informant to complete specific rating scales and questionnaires including: Barkley Adult ADHD Rating Scale-IV (BAARS-IV), and Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale – Self-report (WFIRS-S). Other questionnaires will be used to screen for co-morbid conditions. Rating scales and questionnaires are ALWAYS used in conjunction with diagnostic information gathered during the psychiatric and psychosocial interview and NEVER used alone to reach a diagnosis.

Full ASD assessment - i.e. no previous diagnosis of ASD

The full assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders involves, alongside the psychosocial clinical interview,  the use of ASD specific rating scales and questionnaires to be completed by the patient and an informant which includes Autistic Quotient scale (AQ); Emotional Quotient scale (EQ); RQ (CAST-revised); AAA; Patient Questionnaire (PQ). Then on the day of the assessment you and an informant (usually a parent) will need to attend the psychosocial clinical interview. In total the procedure will last usually around 3 hours. 

What if I already have a diagnosis or not sure what kind of assessment I need

If you have already had a diagnosis of ADHD or ASD earlier in life, and you wish to have a consultation with our experts in order to resume treatment for example, feel free to contact us. We will review the diagnosis and, if needed, we will devise a tailored treatment plan. The interview process will be similar to that conducted for a full assessment. If we agree that you would benefit from our treatment management, regular follow-up sessions will be planned and you will also have the opportunity to use our helpline, just in case you need it. If instead you are not sure what kind of assessment you need (if any), simply send us an email and we will be able to discuss your case and offer you advice. 

General Mental Health Assessment

Given our clinicians are experienced professionals, and given ADHD and ASD are often co-morbid with several other mental health conditions, the Clinic also offers assessment and treatment for a wide range of general mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, substance abuse/misuse, personality disorders, anger outbursts and other impulsive based disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The general mental health assessment has the goal to understand what the patient is suffering from and follows a standardized diagnostic clinical interview with the aid of several rating scales that the patient will need to complete before the assessment. Sometimes informants are asked to join the interview process, which lasts not less than 2 hours.