Dr Pironti is an approved Clinical Psychologist registered with Aviva, and AXA/PPP. Please ask your insurance for terms and condition of your policy.

Full ADHD Assessment – i.e. no previous diagnosis of ADHD

The price for a full diagnostic assessment in the clinic is £850. The assessment undertaken over Skype is billed at £750. The assessment usually takes AT LEAST two hours,  (Please note that a real evidence-based assessment for adult ADHD usually cannot really be shorter than 2 hours and has to include specific rating scales and questionnaires that the client and an informant have to complete prior the assessment). Then at least two hours are usually needed to carefully prepare the diagnostic report with recommendations. For medico-legal report, the fee is £140 per hour. 

Full ASD Assessment - i.e. no previous diagnosis of ASD

The price for a full ASD diagnostic assessment is £1300. Given the nature of the assessment, internet based option is not recommended. The procedure involves rating scales, questionnaires, along with an extensive psychosocial clinical interview with our ASD expert. A detailed report will be then provided with treatment recommendations. 

General Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

Given very often ADHD and ASD co-exist with several other mental health conditions, and our clinicians are experienced professionals in clinical psychology and psychiatry, we are also able to assess for and treat a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizoaffective conditions, substance abuse/misuse, learning disabilities. The assessment involves a semi-structured interview using diagnostic aids inlcuding the SCID (I or II), an informant when possible is asked to attend the first 15 minutes of the appointment. In total the procedure will last no less than 90 minutes. The fee is £600 which also includes a report with the treatment plan. 


If you already have a formal diagnosis of ADHD and or ASD, or you want to have a consultation to discuss your situation, the fee is £120 for 60 minutes session . Follow up sessions are billed at rate of £120 for a 60 minutes session. (Skype sessions are £110)

Pharmacological Treatment:

Appointments at our medication clinic with our Consultant Psychiatrist: £250 per consultation.

Psychological Treatment:

Psychological treatment focused on ADHD or ASD and related disorders: £120 per hour

Cancellation Fee (cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice):

The fee is charged at the rate of £120, for a patient not attending an arranged assessment. Where it is possible to reschedule other clinical work to fill this time then the fee is reduced proportionately.  Telephone discussions and small queries/other correspondence that takes less than 30 minutes will not be charged for. Longer pieces of work will be charged for at £120 per hour.